Diet as a Potential Tool to help Treat Late-Life Depression: A Case Report

Sonia Berkani1*, Leila Lombardo2, Carmella Roy1,3, Soham Rej1,3, Artin Mahdanian1,3

1Department of Psychiatry, Jewish General Hospital, 3755 Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road, Montréal, Québec, Canada. 2Department of Nursing, 3Departmnet of Psychiatry, McGill University, Québec, Canada

*Correspondence Email Address: [email protected]


In 2017 The World Health Organization stated in their report that Major depressive disorder is the number one contributing factor to co-morbidity and disability in the world. Despite the use of optimal traditional treatment which includes pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy, some depressive disorders remain resistant to this treatment and become chronic. Systematic reviews have shown the role of diet as a complementary treatment option for patients suffering from depression who don’t respond to traditional treatment. In this case we will illustrate how incorporating diet as an option in the management plan in treating depression has had a positive impact.

Keywords: Diet, Case report, Late-life depression

Citation: Sonia Berkani, Leila Lombardo, Carmella Roy, Soham Rej, Artin Mahdanian. Diet as a Potential Tool to help Treat Late-Life Depression: A Case Report. Canadian Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2021; 9 (1): 30-33.