Canadian Journal of Clinical Nutrition (CJCN)

Table of Contents
Volume 4, No. 2, June 2016


Phytotherapeutic Effect of Mushroom Extract Pages 1-3
Nejib Guizani

Research Articles

Carrageenan Extracted from Hypnea bryodies Seaweed Attenuates Streptozotocin-Induced Hyperglycemia, Oxidative Stress and Pancreatic Histopathological Changes in Diabetic Rats Pages 4-15
Zainab M. Al-Nahdi, Ahmed Al-Alawi, Nasneen Althaf, Mohamed A. Al-Kindi, Halima K. Al-Issaei, Sultan N.M. Al-Maskari, Bader R.S. Al-Ruqaishi, Ahmed Al-Salami

Factors Affecting the Multivitamins Use among Healthy Adults in Alexandria, Egypt Pages 16-32
Sally Ezzat, MD, DrPH

Effect of Post Natal Exercise Program on the Health Status of Omani Women Pages 33-50
Raghda Shukri, Hashem Kilani, Jothi Clara, Judith Norhana, Lina Shakaman

Comparative Assessment of Eating Behavior among Children with Autism to Typically Developing Children in Oman Pages 51-64
Najma M. Al-Kindi, Yahya M. Al-Farsi, Mostafa I. Waly, Mohammed S. Al-Shafaee, Charles Saki Bakheit, Marwan M. Al-Sharbati, Samir Al-Adawi

Protective Effect of Glutathione Feeding against Azoxymethane-induced Oxidative Stress in Rat Colon Pages 65-71
Luca Antonelli, Arianna Paterlini, Lucia Carrion

Nutritional Assessment of Female College-Aged Students during Ramadan’s Fasting Pages 72-80
Seham Rashid Ali Al-Hinai

Review Articles

Type 2 Diabetes and Nutrition: A Concise Update Pages 81-85
Masoud Yahya Al-Maskary