Safety of Marine Algae, Ulva lactuca, and its Application on Some Food Products

Al-Zhra`a  Metwally Meshhal1*, Tesby Mohamed Lotfy1, Neveen Fahmy Agamy2
1Faculty of Specific Education, Alexandria University, Egypt.2Nutrition Department, High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University, Egypt
*Corresponding Author E-mail Address: [email protected]

Background: Green marine algae considered a good source of antioxidants, fatty acids , protein and minerals. Objective: The present study was conducted to investigate the safety  parameters of green marine algae, Ulva lactuca, including aflatoxins content and heavy metals content.  It is aimed to assess the acceptability of it  extracts at different levels in various food products; fish balls, meat balls, Nuggets, broad bean cake (Flafel) and stewed horse bean (Besara).  Materials & Methods: The marine algae was collected from Several coasts in Alexandria and air-dried at room temperature and grinded to powder then used in preparing the aforementioned products and evaluate its acceptability using sensory evaluation and statistical analysis . The most accepted sample were carried out for chemical analysis to evaluate its safety. Results: The study showed the safety of using green marine algae “Ulva lactuca” in different food products, the concentration of aflatoxins and heavy metals were found within the allowable limits. Conclusion: The results of this study promote the use of green marine algae, Ulva lactuca, as a nutrient component in food products.

Keywords: Nutritional Supplement, Health, Green Marine Alage

Citation: Meshhal AM, Lotfy TM, Agamy NF. Safety of Marine Algae, Ulva lactuca, and its Application on Some Food Products. Canad J Clin Nutr 2018; 6 (1): 153-165.