Health Benefits and Nutritional Aspects of Date Palm Pollen

Mostafa I. Waly
Food Science and Nutrition Department, College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, Sultan
Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman
Correspondence Email Address: [email protected]

“Let food be the medicine and the medicine be the food” was quoted by Hippocrates more than 2000 years ago. In this context, traditional medicines of different countries have great potential for introducing new natural remedies for various human diseases. One of these remedies is date palm pollen, which is an edible component of the date palm tree, and has been used in many countries as a therapeutic agent for male infertility. Date palm pollen is rich in bioactive
compounds with phytochemicals and nutraceutical properties which might attribute for its therapeutic effects on infertility. However, the therapeutic role of these bioactive compounds in relation to other human chronic diseases was not well understood. The present editorial aims to characterize the therapeutic and nutritional properties of date palm pollen which might enhance its use as a functional food and as a safe additive in food industries.

Keywords: Bioactive Compounds, Date Palm Pollen, Human Health
Citation: Mostafa I. Waly. Health Benefits and Nutritional Aspects of Date Palm Pollen. Canadian Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2020; 8 (1): 1-3.