Health Aspects of School Physical Education in the Arab World: A Comparative study with Global Models

Ali M. Deiry1,2*, Wasfi M. Khazaleh1, Nabhan H.Ahmad2

1Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Physical Education, Yarmouk University, Irbi Jordan. 2 University of Anbar, Faculty of Education, Iraq

*Corresponding Author:[email protected]

The study aims at introducing school physical education in the Arab World compared to some physical educational patterns with other global models, using a descriptive approach for collecting and analyzing related studies.Subjects and Methods:Frequencies and Percentages were used to analyze the data. The analysis of the references indicates that Latin America and the Middle East have the highest percentage (67%) of countries that do not observe the parameters and principles of physical education. In these countries, it is stated that physical education has a lowered status compared to (91%) of other countries having abettor statues. Other countries consider canceling physical education classes on behalf of other courses; one such content are found in Africa with the highest percentage of (80%).Results:The Findings show that the period devoted to physical education in the Arab World is the Shortest ; this period lasts (90) minutes in compulsory stage but (45) minutes at the secondary School. Also, our study revealed that the football game is one of the most popular games practiced in the class of physical education in the Arab World by (21%) in the primary schools and by (28%) in secondary schools. Moreover, the findings manifest that the most serious problems in physical Education at schools in the Arab Worlds are funding, class size, teaching strategies, evaluation, curriculum, and teaching quantity.Conclusion:The important suggestions for improving the present status of physical education at schools in the Arab World include; participation of the society, cooperation with other countries, reforming school curriculum, service training for teachers, using technology in teaching and learning process..

Key words:Health Aspects, Physical Education, Activity Reality, Global Models

Deiry AM, Khazaleh WM, Ahmad NH. Health Aspects of School Physical Education in the Arab World: A Comparative Study with Global Models. Canad J ClinNutr 2015; 3 (1): 4-14