Nutritional Assessment of Adults Undergoing Chronic Hemodialysis

Khadeeja S. A. Al-Aamri1*, Mostafa I. Waly2, Amanat Ali2, Yahya M. Al-Farsi3, Medhat Ali4
1National Center for Diabetes, Endocrine and Inherited Diseases, Ministry of Health, Oman. 2Department of Food Science and Nutrition, College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, 3Department of Family Medicine and public Health, College of Health Medicine and Health Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman. 4Nephrology Department, Nizwa Hospital, Ministry of Health, Oman

*Corresponding Author: Khadeeja Al-Aamri. Email: [email protected]

Background: Patients on hemodialysis are at high risk of malnutrition and routine nutritional status is needed to prevent protein energy malnutrition among these patients Objective: This study aimed to assess the daily dietary intake, alterations in anthropometric measurements, iron-deficiency anemia, and muscle protein waste in patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis (CHD). Subjects and Methods: A descriptive cross sectional study approach was applied and included 62 Omani adults (34 males and 28 females) undergoing CHD. Assessment of dietary intake, anthropometric measures (Body Mass Index, BMI, and Mid-Arm Muscle Circumference, MAMC), and biochemical indices (serum albumin and blood hemoglobin) were conducted for all study participants. Results: Fifty eight percentage of the subjects achieved the recommended BMI for CHD patients. The mean MUAC was 214.17 ± 55.48 for females and 221.35 ± 45.04 for males with no significant differences, P > 0.05. The mean daily energy intake of males was significantly higher than females (1051.35±319.44 and 743.39 ± 189.39 kcal/day, respectively), P < 0.05. There is was no gender significant differences with regard serum albumin level and dietary intake of phosphorus and potassium. Conclusion: The enrolled CHD patients failed to meet the requirements of protein and caloric intake which affect their biochemical indices negatively. Our study provided a base line data for the cause and effect mechanism between diet and quality of life of patients undergoing CHD.

Keywords: Nutritional Assessment, Chronic Hemodialysis, Omani Adults

Al-Aamri KSA, Waly MI, Ali A, Al-Farsi YM, Ali M. Nutritional Assessment of Adults Undergoing Chronic Hemodialysis. Canad J Clin Nutr 2015; 3 (2): 23-37