Nutrition and Cancer

Mostafa A. Arafa, M.D, Dr.PH1*
1 Princess AlJoharaAlIbrahim Center for Cancer Research, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
*Corresponding Author:Professor MostafaArafa, Email: [email protected]

The great interest during the last several decades in diet and human cancer derives from the large variations in rates of specific cancers among countries, coupled with the dramatic changes in cancer incidence among populations immigrating to regions with different rates. Such observations indicate the importance of potentially modifiable factors in the cause and prevention of cancer, and a role of diet has been suggested by strong correlations between cancer rates and national per capita intake of specific nutrients

Keywords: Nutrition, Cancer, Epidemiology.
Arafa MA. Nutrition and cancer.Canad J ClinNutr 2014; 2 (2): 1-3